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We would like to share with you the 3 Ultimate Digital Secrets that have costs us many 7 figures, 100+ books, dozens of courses and coaching programs, and countless trial and error testings to figure out. 

After years of trial and error, testing, and failures, everything you need to know about successfully creating leads online boils down to these 3 Secrets. 

They are what we like to call the foundation of digital marketing for financial advisors. These are the same 3 Powerful Digital Secrets that have enabled me to do the following online:
  • Generate thousands of internet leads online
  • Responsible for generating 1000+ leads per month from the web (without having to pay for it: aka FREE "Organic" marketing)
  • Build and own a website with a true multiple six-figure value
  • Build enough momentum that leads come in whether we are working, at the beach, or spending time with my family
"Organic Digital Marketing on Steroids"
Creating a step-by-step plan of attack online is probably easier than you think, but it does require some planning. In this powerful report, you'll get access to the exact 3 secrets that all of the top digital marketers are privy to and infuse into all of their marking (both online and offline). 

You will also receive specific examples of different types of websites that are pulling serious traffic and leads. This isn't a bunch of theory . . . it's high impact, it's 100% candid with no sales fluff, and it's all about getting solid results. 

In this report, we are going to teach you exactly where financial professionals are making the mistakes (and why you aren't seeing results online), along with personal mistakes that cost us thousands of leads and who knows how much money.

We'll show you how to build the rock solid foundation that will be the basis and bedrock for getting your ideal clients to contact you and buy into you before you actually meet them. 

You'll learn how to make your content, your story, and your message more engaging and suspenseful than your favorite guilty pleasure novel . . . even if you stink at selling and even if you can't write copy to save your life.
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3 Secrets that took multiple years and 
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Why are we letting you steal this from me?

To begin, you better get your hands on it before we change our mind and add a couple zeros behind the $7.

Two, we were blessed with digital mentors that gave me a ton of information for tens of thousands of dollars a few years ago. He could have charged me much more for all of the knowledge and time he granted me. So we figured this was my chance to give back, do some teaching on something that we are extremely passionate about, and to help create a loyal tribe of digital guru's that want to learn more.

Most importantly, we want YOU to have a little skin in the game. $7 is a joke really, but we know it is just enough to get you to read it. If we just gave it for Free, more than half of you would never take the time to read what could be a business changing report for you.

And my end game hope is that all of this over the top advice leads to an elite group of financial advisors like you that want to take your digital marketing to an entire new level and want more help from me in the future as we will be announcing some one on one coaching early in 2014. But we will not work with anyone that hasn't read this report.
Finally, we believe it is important to say who this report is NOT for:
  • Anyone who is NOT a financial professional
  • Anyone who thinks a magic bullet for internet leads overnight exists
  • Anyone who believes that they won't have to actually implement my 3 secrets to see a transformation
  • Anyone who thinks that they will start receiving internet leads by only reading this report and doing nothing else
Here's exactly what you will receive with this one of a kind digital report
  • That you will learn more in this report about the fundamentals of creating online leads than with anything you have before
  • That at least one of the Big 3 Ideas in my report will be business changing regardless if you end up going full force into digital or not
  • How you can work fewer hours, see fewer clients, and still make more money
  • Finally, if you're not willing to invest $7 for something that has a 100% money back guarantee to help you be a better marketer and increase the ROI of your practice, then we can't help you and we should part ways as friends now.
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"The 3 Most Powerful Secrets to Converting Prospects Online"
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P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $7, 
The 3 Most Powerful Secrets to Converting Prospects Online guide. 
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Grab Your Copy Of 
"The 3 Most Powerful Secrets to Converting Prospects Online"
Now For Only $7 - LIMITED TIME!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $7, 
The 3 Most Powerful Secrets to Converting Prospects Online guide. 
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